Let Blue Ocean handle your matters of EI, CPP, maternity / parental leave, employee sickness issues, and employee tax. We are capable of preparing ROE forms, payroll returns and calculating just about anything. Our company also deals with all matters pertaining to T4s/T4As and annual taxable income amounts for all employees. We can provide you with proper pay slips or electronic data and we always give you an opportunity to review and approve all of the data prior to completion of the work.


Our payroll solutions:

  • Al payroll processing, as well as reporting, testing and validation
  • CRA Direct filing of statutory deductions and remittances to help avoid interest and penalties
  • Gross to net calculations by employee relating to payroll
  • Statutory remittances and deductions are filed and paid directly with the CRA to eliminate the potential for future issues
  • Direct deposit payroll processing to bank accounts which reduces costly printing of cheques and eliminates bank fees for electronic usage.
  • T4s/T4As and other year-end activities


Are payroll services are advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Expertise next to none
  • Fees are discussed in advance
  • Takes the worry and work away for you
  • Risk reduction


Easy and care-free transitions


Blue Ocean makes it easy for your business to transition to us by taking the work load away from you. We assign a highly-knowledgeable payroll manager to work directly with your business to provide expert guidance and exceptional service, as follows:


  • Provide guidance and advice during the initial contact phase.
  • Test and analyze issues and resolution tactics to make required changes prior to starting each service.
  • We will set up a schedule for all payroll activities and processes in order to ensure a smooth transition.