Us Tax

We provide a comprehensive Canadian tax planning and reporting service to inbound and outbound individuals and corporations. If your tax affairs are now subject to a tax treaty between Canada and another country (e.g. the US-Canada Tax Treaty), then your requirements are probably a good match with our practice specialty. We also specialize in the preparation of US tax returns for Canadians relocating to the US and dual filers living in Canada.


Inbound Individuals


If you or your investments are locating to Canada, we have the expertise to guide you through the Canadian tax system:

  • Are you a non-resident owner of a Canadian rental property?
  • Are you working in Canada on an international employment transfer?
  • Are you working in Canada on a temporary staffing contract?
  • Are you an actor on contract to a Canadian production?
  • Are you an athlete on contract to a Canadian team?
  • Do you live in the US and work in Canada?
  • Are you a US citizen living and working in Canada?
  • Are you immigrating to Canada permanently?
  • Have you become the beneficiary of a Canadian estate?
  • Are you unsure how the Canadian tax authorities view your status?

Outbound individuals


If you or your investments are outside Canada, we can handle your continuing tax obligations in Canada. If you have acquired US tax reporting obligations, we can also manage them.

  • Do you own real estate or other investment property outside Canada?
  • Have you been transferred to the US or overseas by your Canadian employer?
  • Are you working in the US or overseas on a temporary staffing contract?
  • Are you working in the US on a TN visa?
  • Are you an actor on contract to a US production?
  • Are you an athlete on contract to a US team?
  • Do you live in Canada and work in the US?
  • Are you emigrating from Canada permanently?
  • Are you a partner in a US partnership?
  • Do you own shares in a foreign corporation?
  • Have you become the beneficiary of a US or overseas estate?
  • Are you having difficulty dealing from afar with the CCRA (formerly Revenue Canada)?
  • Are you unsure of your present tax status?


Inbound Corporation


If you are commencing to carry on business in Canada, we can advise on arranging your affairs in a tax efficient manner and ensure that you are in full compliance with Canadian tax reporting obligations:

  • Have you hired a Canadian-based employee?
  • Have you opened a branch office in Canada?
  • Have you incorporated a subsidiary in Canada?
  • Are you staffing a consulting contract in Canada?
  • Have you been awarded a construction contract to perform work in Canada?
  • Are you selling goods and services into Canada?
  • Do you run an export/import business across the Canadian border?


Outbound Corporation


Given high US corporate tax rates, don't be surprised by a US tax liability only to find out that there were planning opportunities available to reduce it.

US tax law is complex, and its interaction with the Canada-US income tax treaty makes it even more complex. In addition, most of the 50 states have their own tax laws that often differ from federal tax law and each other. Our Tax Consultant deals with US tax planning and compliance for Canadian businesses operating or selling products and services.
If you are a Canadian business selling goods and services in the US, a Canadian business with US subsidiaries, or a Canadian business looking to expand into the US market, we can help you with:

   US corporate tax planning 


  •           Tax structuring of US expansion,
  •           Permanent establishment and nexus studies,
  •           US tax minimization planning,
  •           US acquisition planning and due diligence,
  •           US capital structure planning,
  •           FATCA advisory and implementation,
  •           Audit defense – both IRS and state.


  US corporate tax compliance 


  •           Preparation of US federal and state tax returns (corporate and partnership),
  •           Preparation and review of US tax provisions,
  •           Preparation of US withholding tax forms.

Our Tax Consultants work with you to deliver tailored solutions that may generate tax savings and avoid costly problems. We work closely with our Canadian tax and transfer pricing colleagues to provide a menu of tax planning options aimed at optimizing your global tax outcome.