Trade Marks

Trade-marks are an important asset for modern businesses. Proper trade-mark protection is crucial. There is no better protection for the name of your goods and/or services than a registered trade-mark.


The main advantages of trade-mark registration in Canada are:

  • Presumption as to trade-mark’s ownership
  • Exclusive right to use the trade-mark throughout Canada
  • Incontestability after 5 years of registration
  • Efficient means of dissuading third parties from adopting confusing trade-marks
  • Increased market value


Conducting a good trade-mark availability search, before launching a new product or business, is a good way to avoid serious problems. Trade-mark searches allow you to verify that your trade-mark is not confused with an existing trade-mark or trade-name and that it meets the legal criteria for registration.


Just because there are no similar marks to yours found in the trade-marks register does not mean it will automatically be registered, so it's always wise to ensure the path to registration for your mark is clear.


Key benefits of using our trade-mark search services:

  • Our experienced team in the field of trade-mark protection
  • We provide the strategic advantage of a summary evaluation as to availability
  • We offer a variety of searches to meet every budget
  • We use a wide array of specialized databases and search tools
  • We will interrupt a search to limit costs if an identical or highly similar mark is found (only for Canada & US)


Preparing a trade-mark application and tracking the process can be complex, and the consequences of filing a flawed application can be severe. Our team of trained professionals can help you avoid and overcome common and technical obstacles that may be encountered during the registration process. That means you’ll save time and money.