Business Grants

The Canadian Government may fund between 15 to 65% of costs for those looking to export, innovate, train, hire or expand their businesses


We helps our clients learn if they qualify for government grants. The following is information on potential funding for businesses in Ontario.


Clients that can answer YES to any of the questions below may qualify for one or more government grants:


1.    Are you developing a new process or product in the next 12 months?

2.    Do these industries apply to your business:

  • renewable energy / clean tech
  • agricultural
  • manufacturing
  • mobile application / web development
  • automotive

3.    Will you be providing any 3rd party courses for your employees over the next year?

4.    Are you a manufacturer that will be doing internal training for your employees?

5.     Will you have a booth at one or more trade shows outside of Canada over the next year?

6.    Will you have a foreign market research study performed in the next year?

7.    Are you hiring 8 or more new staff members under the age of 30 in the next year?

8.    Are you entering a new market outside of Canada?

9.    Are you located in Northern or Eastern Ontario?


Getting Assistance


For those clients that think their businesses might qualify grants, they can decide if they want to work with a firm like Blue Ocean Professional Corporation that has the expertise to manage the process. Our experts are well-versed in their respective skills and can guarantee: if nothing comes of it then clients don’t get charged. Grant programs mostly are categorized in the following categories: marketing, hiring, innovation, business expansion, green energy, exporting,  or training. Blue Ocean has observed that companies with a staff of 35 or more tend to be eligible for around one grant annually. There is approximately an 80% success rate for the applications we assist with.