Privacy Policy

Blue Ocean Professional Corporation is dedicated to maintaining and safeguarding the personal information of its clients, members, staff, and any other person who may entrust their confidential information with us, including users of our website. We proudly follow and fulfill the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


This Privacy Policy applies to "personal information" dealt with by Blue Ocean Professional Corporation. Personal information is any information about an identifiable person including such details as age, gender, religion, ethnic background, family status, political affiliations, health, purchasing and spending habits, credit and loan records, investments, tax returns financial information, email address, home address and home phone number. The definition does not include business specifics such as the name, title, business address or telephone number of an organization’s staff members.



It is our responsibility to safeguard all personal information in our possession. This extends to information that third parties dealing with us may have access to, such as: contract accountants, technology advisors, temporary personnel and website managers. We do not allow access to such third parties as much as we are reasonably able to and acquire their written conformance to our privacy policy. We will require express consent from our clients to provide or distribute any personal information to third parties on behalf of the client such as: spouses, bankers, lawyers, investment advisors, other accountants, business valuation specialists, and other related professionals associated with our clients.


Purposes of collecting limited information

We collect, work with and divulge personal information in the service of our clients and for other related reasons that are otherwise reasonable in our business dealings. We primarily collect, use and disclose personal information for the following reasons, among others:

  • To prepare tax returns and related documents on behalf of our clients
  • To permit communication, mailings to clients, prospective clients and contacts
  • To prepare financial statements
  • To prepare SR&ED filings
  • To evaluate client needs and advise on various matters


Other reasons we may collect use and divulge personal information may include the following:

  • To report to required regulatory authorities, including our insurer and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
  • Advising clients on financial issues


When personal information has been obtained and is to be used or divulged for a purpose not initially identified, the new reason will be stated prior to its use. Use of personal information will apply only for necessary purposes identified in this Privacy Policy.



For the most part, all personal information is held confidentially and we will acquire consent, either express or implied, to use or divulge it unless otherwise allowed or required by law. Such reasons could include: information that is publicly available; where obtaining or using it is required for the benefit of the person and acquiring consent is impossible in a timely manner; to take action during an emergency that threatens the life, health or security of the person; for debt collection; or to comply with a subpoena, warrant or court order.



Personal information may be held as long as we deem necessary to guarantee the correctness and integrity of client information and to provide the best possible professional services and advice to clients and to provide information to regulatory authorities. However, when personal information is definitely no longer required for the original purpose it was obtained for or to properly assist and advise the client, it will be destroyed by shredding in a confidential manner.



Personal information is safeguarded with necessary security provisions against loss, theft, or unlawful use whether it is paper-based or stored electronically. Blue Ocean Professional Corporation’s staff is trained to be vigilant of the significance of keeping the confidentiality of personal information. Attention is used in the destruction and shredding of personal information to prevent unapproved access. Third party companies or agents who have access to personal information will need to confirm that they follow suitable privacy practices.


Openness and Accuracy

Blue Ocean Professional Corporation will do everything possible to ensure that personal information obtained is as complete and up-to-date as required for its intended use. Copies of our agreements, express consent approvals and Privacy Policy are available upon request. We will advise clients within 30 days whether we retain personal information about them we will allow clients to access their information when they wish to and will provide information of how their personal information is used, including third party disclosures. Clients are free to contest the accuracy of the information and to ask to have it revised, removed or changed.



We will investigate all written grievances. If there is justification, we will take appropriate actions including if required, changing any internal policies and practices. Any outstanding issues or complaints that cannot be dealt with may be forwarded to The Privacy Commissioner of Canada.