NUANS Report

Most provincial governments and the federal government require a NUANS Report prior to incorporation. The report is looks at the availability of a business/corporate name by performing a database search and listing any similar or potentially confusing current names in the business world. Doing this helps to make sure that there is nothing registered like the name you want.


The NUANS database provides name reports within the following categories: Nova Scotia;Alberta; New Brunswick; Prince Edward Island; and Canada (Federal). For Quebec, Saskatchewan, B.C., Manitoba and Newfoundland & Labrador a name search report a name search report must be pulled from their own provincial databases.


Blue Ocean deals with all jurisdictions and can obtain the reports for you.

Jurisdiction Type of Report Cost Delivery
Federal NUANS $25 2 hours
Federal Name Decision* Federal $40 2 Business days
Alberta NUANS $25 2 hours
British Columbia Provincial $60 2 Business days
Manitoba Provincial $60 2 Business days
Newfoundland Provincial $80 5 business days
New Brunswick NUANS $25 2 hours
Nova Scotia Provincial $70 5 business days
Ontario NUANS $25 2 hours
P.E.I. NUANS $25 2 hours
Quebec Provincial $70 5 business days
Saskatchewan Provincial $80 5 business days 
Northwest Territories Territory $42.50 9 business days 
Yukon Territory $57.50 9 business days 
Nunavut Territory $42.50 9 business days 


* NUANS Reports are sent for review and a decision by Industry Canada before incorporations are completed. Name decisions are typically rendered within 2 days and an emailed copy is sent to the applicant. Positive decisions will be valid for 90 days during which time incorporation may take place.