Indirect Tax(GST/HST, QST AND PST)

Ensuring that commodity taxes are being collected is highly important to a company's wellness and good standing.  Taxes must be collected and remitted as necessary and always on time. Our Tax Consultants can help in dealing with all of your commodity and other taxes.

Through our careful processes, we monitor legislation to help businesses control these taxes and we assist with planning to greatly reduce sales tax expenses.

We can help Canadian businesses as follows:


  • Conflict resolution ― providing assistance and guidance with regard to government sales tax audits, including negotiating with authorities and preparing notices of objections
  • Reviewing sales tax procedures to identify recovery opportunities
  • Compliance obligations ― ensuring correct and timely completion of sales tax returns , assisting with voluntary disclosures, reviewing processes for claiming input tax credits and input tax refunds
  • Assisting in the preparation of technical interpretations or ruling requests to the taxation authorities on sales tax matters
  • Reorganizations ― ensuring sales tax matters have been addressed on business reorganizations and all available elections have been made in order to reduce or eliminate sales tax costs
  • Due diligence reviews for sales tax issues
  • Staff training on sales tax rules and procedures to businesses operating in Canada