Provincial Incorporation – Ontario

Corporations are recognized in law as their own legal persons that may carry their own obligations, taxation requirements, rights, and liabilities.


Blue Ocean can bring you a solution for incorporating your new business under the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) and ensuring that Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.


A NUANS® Report must be obtained for named corporations as part of the process to complete the incorporation.For numbered name corporations, a number will be assigned by the system during filing.


Incorporated companies may operate under a Trade Name or Corporate Style and the Business Style or Trade Name must be registered.



Ontario Articles of Incorporation are sent manually by Blue Ocean. Here is what is needed to be completed in person:

  • Copy of NUANS® Report (if a named corporation).
  • Cover letter to be filed with the Ministry of Government Services.
  • Signed Articles of Incorporation form (two copies).


Blue Ocean will go to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to file your Articles of Incorporation and the originals will be provided back to you.


Provincial Incorporation – Outside Ontario (Nation-wide)

Blue Ocean can help you file for other types of corporations, such as those outside the province, as follows.


Federal Incorporation

Federal Articles of Incorporation may be filed online with the help of Blue Ocean. The Articles of Incorporation will be received and filed with Corporations Canada and will also be available in PDF format at the same time.


All other Federal Article filings are also supported by Blue Ocean, such as Non-Profits.


Two forms must be submitted to Corporations Canada in order to incorporate federally:

  • Form 1: Federal Articles of Incorporation
  • Form 2: First Board of Directors and Initial Office Address


Federal Articles of Incorporation include the important information about the company, as follows:

  • Registered address
  • Company name (descriptive or numbered)
  • Directors’ names and addresses
  • Provisions and structure of shares
  • Share transfer restrictions, etc.


Descriptive name corporationsare recommendedto obtain a NUANS Report and Federal Name Decision prior to incorporation to ensure that the name is indeed available.


For numbered name corporations, a number will be assigned by Corporations Canada at the time of Articles filing.


Federal Incorporation Process

Federal Articles can be sent to Blue Ocean for direct filing. Here is what we will need from you:

  • A cover letter and Form 1 and Form 2 (Articles and Initial Filing).
  • A copy of Name Decision (if applicable) and the NUANS® Report


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