Cloud Accounting

Blue Ocean lets helps our clients to easily run their businesses from any location and anytime. This is done through our cloud accounting service.


Cloud accounting ensures freedom for businesses to work as they please — there is no need to have to be in one place all the time. This service comes with convenient invoice printing at the office even if you’re at home. It’s not necessary to go to the office while you’re on the move. Clients will also be able to connect with others including their accountant or a partner who may be far away. Information may be shared without interruption and distances will be reduced with the cloud. Your data will always be at your fingertips.


You will also have easy access through your smartphone (Android, iPhone, and Blackberry) to view and manage your customer contact details, bank balances, accounts payables / receivables, and more.

  • The cloud keeps data backed up at all times, so downtown or computer issues will not result in downtime.
  • The cloud is up to date at all times, so features are always current.
  • The cloud allows logins from anywhere at any time, so users can set their own schedules.
  • Data remains safe through the use of the same high-end encryption used by banks and other financial institutions.